Not So Sublime

Here is most of today’s roll of film from my 52 Rolls project – 46 is not that far off of 52! The other image from this roll of film is at

52 rolls

2015-GW690-02-007-5Today is my 46th roll this year, and my second from the Fujica GW690. This was another test just to get a feel for the camera and to ensure that it all seems to be working fine. The camera does work fine, but the 15 years expired XP2 film is rubbish as can be seen in most of the images.

My first roll with this camera was posted as To The Sublime – this roll of film is not so sublime. The registration marks on the paper have left their imprint on the negatives – I expect it is where the paper and negatives were in contact with some kind of chemical interaction between the printing ink and the negative. Perhaps this is something that only happens with colour processed films? The further into the roll, the less pronounced the effect such that the portraits at the end of the…

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