Morning Drain

2015-OlyMJUii-013 (13)


This is a counterpoint to yesterday’s post taken on the largest camera that I use. Today’s shot is the same subject taken on the smallest camera that I use. Both shots are taken with expired film.

I do have an even larger camera –  4″x5″ field camera but it needs some work which I have not got around to. I also have a camera that has smaller negatives, a half-frame Pen, but it is bigger and much heavier than the Olympus mjuii.


The rest of this roll is at 52Rolls in a post called Haida Gwaii Canoe and on this blog at Victoria Waterfront.



Olympus mjuii (Stylus Epic), Fuji Superia Xtra 400, expired, commercially developed and scanned.


4 thoughts on “Morning Drain

    • Thanks for stopping by Travis. This little camera makes very good photos. These low res commercial scans don’t do it full justice, but certainly show what it is capable of. The light helped a lot.


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