End of Roll


As is frequently the case I went downtown to drop film off for processing with a nearly complete roll in a camera.

I took these three shots as I walked the last few blocks to finish off the roll.

This is part of the second roll that is in my 52Rolls post today, called Recording Studio.


Security chased me and Melinda Green Harvey out of this car park for taking photos.



From the hip, 20m from the camera store.


Olympus mjuii, Kodak Gold 200, expired 1999, commercially processed, scanned at home.


3 thoughts on “End of Roll

    • Boy, for some reason I am getting a lot of views and comments from Australia today 😉

      I have no idea exactly why. It is private property, at least so he asserted. He was big, really big, and grizzled. Not doing a great job because we were taking pictures for 10 or 20 minutes, each with a big DSLR, before he noticed. Maybe that is why – he got caught napping?

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