Cut Off At The Knees



Gotta feel for that poor chair in the alder wood pile.

Though, it kind of looks like it might be in service, perhaps as some kind of saw horse or something.

This too is part of the second roll shown in Recording Studio.



Olympus mjuii, Kodak Gold 200, expired 1999, commercially processed, scanned at home.


6 thoughts on “Cut Off At The Knees

  1. It is a child or an old person chair methinks… they also used to be put close to the fireplace to receive more heat when sitting in it – at least in Italy when I was a child. But I believe that it is a gnome’s chair and the gnome moved away. The chair and the red cans do not look thrown away but just put in storage temporarily…and that is my 2-bits analysis of the situation.


    • Hi Vera – I know those chairs. This one showed the unmistakable signs of recent sawing. So I think the gnome was involved, cutting things down to his leg length. The gnome went to Hawaii for a break from the snow, but will be back soon.

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      • Yes I can see that it was recently cut. My father used to cut off legs like that – on chairs – to make a tall chair become a sit down low chair. They were also used to be more comfortable when plucking a chicken for dinner ( I am old enough to have seen all that in Italy in the 40s…) Cheers.


      • I have seen cut down chairs too, but never for plucking chickens (I would love the chance to photograph chicken plucking on a cut down chair, in black and white). This one is clearly in use for something. But lacking a seat, I think it is a support for something else. Probably to do with wood cutting. I must ask the owner the next time I am out that way.

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    • Thanks Sherry – it amused me. Gotta feel for the chair, especially as it is located at an expert woodworker’s house, who has the knowledge and tools to make it a good chair again. Poor thing.


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