The Walls of Chemainus



We were in Chemainus recently, which is a small waterfront town north of Victoria on the east coast of Vancouver Island.

It is known for the dozens of murals that decorate the walls in town, and otherwise for many brightly coloured buildings.

On this roll I only photographed one mural, and a few buildings.

Perhaps I am a bit perverse, but I like the plain simplicity of the wall in the bottom photo as much as any of the ones with murals.

There are other rolls, shot on three cameras in total as part of testing those cameras.

The remainder of Chemainus images from this roll will show up in a post about those cameras as a comparison with a known high quality point and shoot (is there a better really small film point and shoot than the mjuii?)



This is part of the second roll that is in my 52Rolls post today, called Recording Studioand several posts here in the past few days.


Olympus mjuii, Kodak Gold 200, expired 1999, commercially processed, scanned at home.


6 thoughts on “The Walls of Chemainus

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  2. I also recognize that person and her basket of Hittys…. I do like your plain wall photo but those murals look very interesting. What s fun town to visit


    • Funny that you like the one that is out of focus! I liked the match of colour in the foreground and background, which was the sole reason I took the shot.

      I was astonished to encounter, so far from home, a person with a basketful of Hittys. What an amazing thing. But handy as the Hittys convinced her it was OK to walk into the photo, which needed an extra point of interest.

      Somehow I think you would have made an interesting photo of that wall, or part of it, without the need for a person. Next door was another identical wall with a mural filling that flat space. That is the alleys of Chemainus for you. Mostly painted up.

      I think you might not take many pictures in this place, unless there was something interesting out back of the Pizza place. That could be a fun project, to photograph the part of Chemainus not meant for the eyes of tourists.


      • Liking the out of focus one could be a reflection of my state of mind, maybe?

        Encountering basket-of-Hittys pedestrian so far from home must have been a surprise, for you AND for the Hittys!

        Of course, you know I’d like the parts of town not intended for tourists the best…

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