It’s Stupid



Here is another view of Chemainus, following from an earlier post.

Obviously, this shot is about colour, and not a lot more.

This was part of ‘the snack shack’ which was closed for the season.

I have no proof if they serve good food, or bad.

However, if their palate is as discerning as their palette, then it’s either hot, or stupid.

Your choice.

This too is part of the second roll that is in my 52Rolls post today, called Recording Studio.

It’s a roll of film that keeps on giving.


Olympus mjuii, Kodak Gold 200, expired 1999, commercially processed, scanned at home.


8 thoughts on “It’s Stupid

    • Thanks Ashoke. I put the mjuii up there for sure, but there is little control over it, even the flash has to be turned off every time you start the camera or it can fire at irritating times. For carrying around taking high quality shots quickly it is hard to beat.
      If you have not found your way to Phil Kneen’s photography, check it out. He has shot with a mjuii a lot lately, in some difficult places, and he makes absolutely the most of the camera that is possible.

      I have an Olympus XA and XA2. The XA has a great deal more control, an f2.8 lens, manual focus, backlight compensation setting and fstop selection, but I find that for my shooting it is a bit fiddly. It’s a small camera with small controls.

      The XA2 (like the XA) has no built in flash and when the flash is attached the camera is quite a lot bigger. The XA2 has zone focussing and an f3.5 lens, but otherwise is just as good as the mjuii in my books. You can set the film speed (though it does not go nearly as high as the mjuii) which is handy if you are shooting old film that needs compensation, or just want to override the metering. This is currently my pocket camera.

      Recently I have shot a much more modern and very small Canon Sure Shot 115u. The lens is very slow especially zoomed, but it can take some very nice pictures – you will be seeing some of those soon around here. It is packed with features (too many really).

      I think there are a lot of good choices out there that are much less expensive than the mjuii. You should be able to easily find an XA2 for around $30, and the Sure Shot 115u for less than that. I did find my mjuii in a thrift store in original box with all the paperwork etc for $10, so they can be found if you keep your eyes open, and are patient.

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      • Yes, almost every mjuii reviewer mentions about the bothersome flash!

        Thanks for the info on XA, XA2 and Sure shot … but the mjuii has me doubling over with GAS!! I somehow controlled it the last time (GW690 :D) …

        Phil’s doing some great portraiture/photo work … thanks for sharing his work with me!

        btw, my wife’s an absract artist and she loved the “It’s Stupid” picture! Priyanka Tewari


      • Thanks for the link to Priyanka’s work – very nice! I can see that the colours would appeal to her 🙂
        Caving in to mjuii GAS is much cheaper than GW690 GAS, that’s for sure. And since there are millions of mjuii’s out there, your chances of finding one in a bin at a thrift store are pretty good, if you are patient. You could also go for the first version of the mju (stylus) – slower lens but just as good in most other ways as the mjuii, and cheaper.

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