This is a classic example of expired film not performing well.

The reason I photographed this hydro control station is because the area in shadow has very slightly jarring messages when compared to the part that is in light.

They can’t be made clear with this crappy film, but you can just make out the dire warnings like Danger Keep Out and some human actions with a red circle and line over top.

Cherish, Value, Vision seem a bit at odds, in tone at least, with Danger, Out, Don’t. But maybe that is just me.


Canon Elan IIe, Canon EF 50/1.4 USM, expired Kodak Gold 400, commercially processed, scanned at home (with much difficulty)


9 thoughts on “Obscured

    • Hi Andy – they are good words, though as someone that worked in government for a couple of decades the word ‘vision’ has been ruined for me, being redolent of time wasting meetings about “strategic visioning for the future”. I’ve left that job and am slowly reclaiming the normal meanings of words, but some still jump at me, as if going for the throat.


    • Thanks Αντρέας, it does get you thinking and that is kind of nice for an object just sitting on the boulevard. They used all to be military green or faded pastel blue, but many are decorated now. It suppresses graffiti I think, so the motives might be pecuniary, but the effect is more than that.


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