This is another shot from a badly degraded roll of expired Kodak colour film.

However, in this instance I think it works pretty well.

This bridge is being replaced and thus is not seeing any more maintenance.

And so it decays before our eyes – the colour fades more every week and  more and more paint peels off showing older paint beneath, and rust.

A bit of decayed film grain does not go amiss in this instance.


Canon Elan IIe, Canon EF 50/1.4 USM, expired Kodak Gold 400, commercially processed, scanned at home (with much difficulty)


11 thoughts on “Decay

  1. I think when I first started following your blog, you were posting scenes of a bridge that was being taken down…

    This color image is very nice and agree with other comments that the degraded film works very well – it and the bridge compliment each other nicely.

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    • He Melinda – you are right. If you click on the Johnston Street Bridge tag in this post, it will lead you to more pictures for this is indeed the same bridge. In fact, we have stood looking at it together, maybe you even took a picture. The replacement is going very slowly, delayed by repeated steel quality issues from their supplier in China and local politics too. There was a similar but narrower rail bridge next to it which came down a few years ago and is where the new bridge is being built. Once done the motor vehicle bridge will come down too.


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