First Roll of Rollei CR200

Here is my 52Rolls post with the rest of the Rollei CR200 roll of film I have been teasing my Burnt Embers readers with for a few weeks. I really like this film, there is going to be some to hand whenever I can get it.

52 rolls


Looks like I have fallen a month or so behind on this project. I have been up against a deadline and only just keeping my own blog active. But that deadline is past and now I can catch up a bit. I have not shot much in the past few weeks, but did shoot nearly 3 dozen rolls before my nose met the grindstone. To keep my blog going I have mined those rolls for good shots, but trying to leave a few nice ones so I can use some here too.

This is especially true of this roll of Rollei CR200. It is the first time I have used this film and am really pleased with it. I think it needs to be shot a bit slower, probably metering for ISO 160 would be good. But other than that I like the colours, the grain I can live with and in…

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