Expired Kodak Gold in Elan IIe

Here is my week 10 post from the 52Rolls project which features a roll that I have dipped into the past few weeks for posts here at my daily photo blog. I tried to keep some good ones aside for 52 Rolls, so click the link and check them out!

52 rolls


The dinghy picture above is one of my favourites of the past few years – I ran a black and white version on my blog a few weeks ago in a post called Tender.  On balance I think I prefer the black and white, though either will do – this one has that sepia tone feel that sometimes works well. As with yesterday’s post I have culled good shots from this roll for my blog while dealing with work pressures. Other images from this roll can be found at this link  and the rest below.

I found the Canon Elan IIe in a thrift shop, with kit lens, camera case, working battery and a roll of Kodak Gold 400. So of course I ran that roll of film through the camera as a test, which is what we are looking at here.  As you can see the film was…

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