Olympus XA2 and Keeping Notes

This post covers both my 2016 Roll 11 at 52Rolls.net and an impromptu review of FilmTrackr, software I have been using on my phone to keep track of film, cameras and individual shots. Even if that latter is of no interest, there are some photos from this roll that have not been posted on BurntEmbers, or at least not in colour. So follow the link to 52Rolls.net!

52 rolls


I continue to work through my backlog and rolls of film that I scavenged for my blog over the past few weeks. In this case I published a few of these already, but most of them with black and white conversions. This is the last roll of a no-name rebranded 400 ISO film that expired some unknown time in the past. I bought several rolls of this film and the results were a bit mixed. This one had a very weird colour cast to it, or at least to some of it and I found it really hard to scan. I really should rescan it, but I doubt that will happen now. Too much in my to-be-scanned pile, and more on the way.

In fact, I can tell you exactly how many remain rolls remain to be scanned (4 rolls) because at the beginning of the year I started useā€¦

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