Olympus Trip First Roll


My roll 12 of the 2016 52 Rolls project. This has the rest of the test roll from an Olympus Trip which I have been showing on Burnt Embers for a few weeks now.

52 rolls


I have been testing a lot of new-to-me cameras this year – I seem to have come across quite a few on my list of cameras to try. Today’s example is an Olympus Trip 35 (there are a lot of Olympus cameras on that list). This is a bit of a cult camera but I have always felt it deserves its reputation, even before I knew of its popular status. My wife had one before we got married and the pictures she took when working overseas are excellent. Enough so that I wondered how she was taking sharper better exposed photos than I was with my Pentax Spotmatic (the answer to that is that I did not know what I was doing, and she did not need to know with the Trip). Her Trip is around the house somewhere – in a box of stuff that we obviously don’t need if it…

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