Temple Details II



I have previously posted Temple Details, and Nishan Sahib shot on very expired colour film as a test roll in a new-to-me Elan IIe. I had this camera in my pocket as well, and this shot was made at the same time, on much better film. I was immediately struck, while looking through the view finder, how this wider angle lens worked so much better for this view. And I was struck again by that same opinion when I saw these images come out of the scanner a couple of days ago.

This is another image from the roll posted as Up Island at 52Rolls.net.



Olympus XA2, Ilford XP2 Super 400


7 thoughts on “Temple Details II

  1. This has quite a different emotional tone in black and white. The azure blue of the sky in the colour shots, made the turrets look like part of a place of celebration. Here, they look less real, less authentic. They look like the could be part of a Lego set. Interesting pic.

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