Farm Gate


Another photo from the place I grew up – I have a soft spot for this kind of farm gate.

This gate was not located here though. When I was young it kept horses and later a cow or two in their proper places in the adjacent field.

As the layout of the property changed, and livestock were no more, this gate fell out of use.

Eventually it was repurposed to enclose a small garden area in its current location.



Olympus mju, Agfa Vista 200, commercially processed, scanned at home


4 thoughts on “Farm Gate

  1. nice pic. Originally that level grassy section — which is really a small garden I think — was part of the driveway down to the house, abandoned when the lot was subdivided in the late 1960s, and now enclosed by a fence and a gate.


  2. I really like this photo..the colors the flowers. Looks like gates on our farmstead, but yours is more scenic with those flowers.


    • Thanks Sherry! The bluebells are great aren’t they. There is no more farm here now with the field subdivided and houses built on it, but there is still a rural feel to the area.


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