Band Photos at the Observatory

More of the Sam Weber band shots taken while getting their new album ready for release, which is at the end of this week. It includes a link to their rather weird video, released today.

EDIT: Sam has been doing interviews and from reading them I have a better understanding now of what they were thinking with this video. Here is one of the more detailed explanations, from an interview that has some good content other than the quoted bit below (whole interview here):

I’ve always really liked when a visual component of something is super-imposed over a different sonic component and consequently the harmony-like energy the video and the audio produce together from that imposition. Anybodys’ is a fairly serious little love song. Par for the course would have been to do a serious little video for it. We wanted to take a left turn on that expectation so we called up Hal and Joanne from Bodybreak. On some level I think they were excited about it as well because making a video like this isn’t something they would typically do either. Their involvement was cool because they’re known for their light-hearted demeanor. So we put them in roles that were a bit off-beat from what’s expected of them, so the video is a bit of a twist on a twist: twist on what you’d expect from the song and a twist on people’s impressions of Hal and Jo’s personalities. I think the results of that, paired with our tune, yielded an interesting result.


52 rolls


More photographs from the Sam Weber band series – these were shot at the Gonzales Observatory. The first image is my favourite of the series.  For more information about the photography, band and their new album check out the first in this series here.

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