Reprise 5

Another reprise from my early days of blogging.

This is a frosty fall photo from Beacon Hill Park.

The original post is here.

Canon 5Dii, EF 50/1.4 lens.





8 thoughts on “Reprise 5

    • Thank you Andy. The light was wonderful, and the mist was disappearing before my eyes as I was readying to take the photo. Which has happened to me since then when trying for similar shots at this location. As soon as the sun hits the mist in this location vanishes.


    • Hi Mike – re-editing is definitely a good idea, but my purpose in revisiting, right now anyway, is a bit more practical. I have nearly run out of my free WP allocation of space, so finding things already using that space is desirable. Also, I am strapped for time right now so re-editing is a bit out of the question for that reason too. Going back to the same place is definitely on – this spot I check in at from time to time, but it is rarely that I hit it early in the morning with the mist still on the ground. Still, more pictures will eventually be made here when my timing is good.


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