Faux Tudor


 A pub in Fernwood, Victoria. Trying to be what it isn’t.



Pentax Espio 120SW, Agfa Vista Plus 200, commercially processed and scanned.


4 thoughts on “Faux Tudor

    • Hi Mario – I had not heard that, but if it is it has not stood the test of time as an interesting building, which for me suggests it was not a very good design to begin with.


  1. This and other ‘olde worlde’ styles of architecture have flourished in Victoria at the expense of the modern or contemporarary. I can’t think of a single large or public building in the city that has any merit in the modern category, but you know the place better than I do. The Sedgewick Building at UVic maybe ?


    • Hi Valeria – Victoria is a very conservative and provincial town when it comes to things like architecture and public art. There are very few outstanding buildings in the area from the past 30 years – and even the more interesting ones seem to be derivative and a decade behind what is found in the cutting edge cities.


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