Cumshewa Inlet

Reblogging my roll 34 for 2016 over at 52Rolls. This roll is pretty much all about the light and reflections in Gordon Cove at the west end of Cumshewa Inlet. I had a hard time choosing the lead image as I really like several of them. Click on the 52Rolls link to see nearly the whole roll.

52 rolls


While on last summer’s Haida Gwaii trip aboard the Passing Cloud we had a layover between cruises and groups of passengers.

The photos on this roll are taken on the trip down Cumshewa Inlet and mostly in Gordon Cove at the west end of the inlet 30km from Hecate Strait. It was very calm, with terrific light in the morning, making for some fantastic reflections, and as a result I went a bit overboard (not literally) with the shutter clicks. Gordon Cove is on Moresby Island well north of the Gwaii Haanas protected area. Cumshewa Inlet map is at this link, Gordon Cove at this link just south of Moresby Camp

This anchorage is near the end of the road that connects to Sandspit (see my Sandspit post here). Normally these guest exchanges alternate between the end of the road with passengers coming and leaving in a van and a float plane…

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    • Hi Sherry – I am glad you are enjoying things around here. Comments are not what they once were, mostly because I don’t get out and comment elsewhere much myself. But I sure do appreciate the people like you (and Andy) who keep on commenting.


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