Around Juan Perez Sound

Roll 38 at 52 rolls is from Juan Perez Sound and Burnaby Narrows. Film from my summer visit to Gwaii Haanas will soon be over with another couple of rolls of film. Most of these images have not previously appeared at Burnt Embers so please click on the link to 52 Rolls to see nearly the whole roll.

52 rolls


As you are seeing in recent posts, I made several visits to the Juan Perez Sound area this past summer while cruising aboard the Passing Cloud in Gwaii Haanas. This roll of film includes shots from De La Beche Inlet (map link) at the western edge of Juan Perez Sound, another visit to Hotspring Island (map link) which is more central and near the eastern edge and then to Burnaby or Dolomite Narrows (map link) and Bag Harbour (map link) at and just beyond the south end of the Sound.

Burnaby Narrows (as it is locally known) is a shallow winding passage between Burnaby and Moresby Islands through which immense amounts of water flow when the tide is running. It very nearly dry out in places, and the abundance of sea life is incredible – it is impossible to take a step without crushing several animals. Tour operators…

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