Gordon Cove Mono V


Photos from Gordon Cove that I published recently in colour at 52Rolls.net (here) work equally well in black and white.

This collapsed logging road bridge is another of them.



Olympus mjuii, Agfa Vista 200, edited in Lightroom


2 thoughts on “Gordon Cove Mono V

    • Thank you Rachel. I find these decaying industrial sites to be very gloomy. But what I liked about this scene was how the broken bridge was like an upside down intact bridge in a Japanese garden or similar. The curve has a very pleasing arc that somehow fits into the scene.
      I had to wade across the stream to get around the bay as the stream ends in a waterfall into a deep pool on the beach and that crossing would require swimming. It was a bit of a bush-wack to get far enough upstream to find water shallow enough to cross in tall rubber boots (just barely shallow enough though). So, I had to work for this shot, or rather I had to work, and this view was my unexpected reward.


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