Downtown with a Canon EOS3

Roll 42 of my 52Rolls project is the first one I ran through a Canon EOS3. It is the rest of the roll which this morning’s diagonal splendor came from, and one of the consistently interesting and best rolls of film I have shot this year. So, you won’t be disappointed if you check it out on 52Rolls at this link.

52 rolls


In March or April I bought a Canon EOS3 that was advertised locally. It lacked a few small items like eyecup and weather plugs for various socket holes but that was reflected in a very good price. And as it turns out my Elan eyecups are the same and that is the one bit that I feel I need to shoot this camera comfortably, being a glasses wearer. I expect the little rubber plugs/caps are not that hard to find either.

These pictures are my first roll shot through the camera on a nice day in April, but only scanned this week. It is Fuji Superia 200 and my Filmtrackr notes indicate I metered it at ISO320. This is an error, of one kind or another. Either I did meter it at 320 (though the images don’t look that way) in which case I was thinking it was 400ISO film…

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