Pinhole with Canon EOS3

My Roll 45 has a lot of pinhole shots on film shot in a Canon EOS3. I like some of the results, and learned something with this combo that I can apply to more basic pinhole cameras. Once again the storm drain was a test bed, because I know what to expect, and because it is my favourite subject for all the change it presents us with. To see the rest of the shots check out the 52 Rolls post here.

52 rolls

2 sec as metered

I know, it is absurd to take pinhole photographs with a camera as sophisticated as a Canon EOS3. I tried it anyway. But only after I did the same with a full frame DSLR. Which might be an ad nauseum of the absurd. And if you think that is bad, the icing on the cake is that I paid the ridiculous price of $30 for the pinhole adapter vs only $80 for the camera body. I don’t normally spend $30 on any used film camera equipment (camera bodies included), but wait till a better price comes along. If you thought that was bad go get a drink because I have spare EOS body caps at home, and all the materials and know-how necessary for adapting one for pinholes. I guess I was being lazy. Perhaps I can justify it as the cost of a digital camera accessory?

Beyond any pleasure in the surreal there…

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