Tea with Grandma

Olympus XA2 Lomography Colour 800

My granddaughter visited a week ago.

One of many favourite things to do is have a cup of tea with grandma, using her special cup.

 This is from a roll of Lomography Colour 800. Seascapes from that roll are on 52 Rolls at this link.



Olympus XA2, Lomography Colour 800. Film developed and scanned commercially.





4 thoughts on “Tea with Grandma

  1. Granddaughter is so beautiful. She does have a very special tea cup and saucer. I love the view out of the window.; Looks cold outside! Perfect for hot tea inside. there is a lot going on in the quiet photo.

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    • Hi Celia – it was a bit chilly when they were visiting, though it is much more so now. Hot tea inside is perfect at this time of the year. And sometimes it is much improved by a nice cup.


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