Ocean’s Edge

Portions of a roll of film that was largely taken along the waterfront of southern Vancouver Island. I used Lomography Color 800, a film I am not totally familiar with, and which was either exposed improperly, or scanned poorly. Either way the low resolution commercial scans had enough in them to very much improve them over first looks. There are quite a few dramatic sky and ocean shots in this post from the past month – I would highly recommend checking out the whole roll here (link).

Featured Image -- 30776

52 rolls

Olympus XA2 Lomography Colour 800

I loaded an Olympus XA2 with Lomography Colour 800 and last week, a month later, I finished the roll. I was not surprised to find that more than half the photos were of the ocean’s edge, and of those, many were the storm drain. After all, I live and work and commute along the marine edge and often stop to take pictures of dramatic lighting or scenes. Even so, I was quite surprised at how uniformly dramatic these shots were; I guess it is that time of year.

Part of it though is probably the film. I had to get the film scanned twice because

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