Harris Canyon


Olympus XA2 Lomography Colour 800

Olympus XA2 Lomography Colour 800

In late November I did a road trip from Victoria, to Duncan, Cowichan Lake and south to Port Renfrew and back to Victoria. It is several hours of driving, and we had some fantastic weather, including a hailstorm like I had never before experienced. At least 5 cm of hail on the road in about 3 minutes. Amazing racket in the car, amazing sight driving into a wall of white falling pellets.

This is Harris Canyon on the road between Cowichan Lake and Port Renfrew, which had a steady stream of loaded logging trucks, so I did not want to linger on the bridge taking photographs, as there was little warning of vehicles approaching. Normally Harris Canyon is pretty sedate, but not this day as there had been a lot of rain for a few days and the canyon was roaring at much higher levels than I have seen before.


Olympus XA2 Lomography Colour 800

On this trip we passed some amazing cloud formations at Jordan River, and beautiful calm waters of Saanich Inlet.

Those shots were on other parts of this roll, and can be seen at 52 Rolls at this link.



Olympus XA2, Lomography Colour 800. Film developed and scanned commercially.





2 thoughts on “Harris Canyon

    • It was roaring through that chasm. And the rain was pounding too. Shortly after we got into a hail storm unlike any I have been in before – not large stones, but within a few minutes they had accumulated to several cm, and that noise blotted out everything.


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