A Very Difficult Roll

There are some difficult-to-view photos on this, my Week 48 post at 52 Rolls, But they do help me think about things photographic so serve some purpose.

  • At the top is a gallery of some nice scenery shots made by someone else on a roll of film still in a camera when I bought it.
  • At the bottom is a gallery of photos from my granddaughter’s birthday party made on the end of the roll in the same camera and they are sweet and endearing.
  • In the middle are shots made by someone of an alcoholic’s apartment. It was the last use of the camera by that person, probably years ago.

They are very difficult to look at as they tell a very sad and horrible story.

If you want to view any of those galleries, then go to this link.

52 rolls


This post includes some difficult found images, as well as pictures of my own, from a roll of film bought partially exposed in a camera. I was quite disturbed to discover these images on the processed film. And this was made more difficult, for no rational reason, because they were on the same roll as pictures of my granddaughter’s third birthday party.

Perhaps other people will not find these images disturbing, but I have known a few people who have lived the life depicted on parts of this roll, and it is horrible to think of them or anyone living like this. At the same time, I know that these same people would be delighted to meet a three-year old, and would find a lot of joy in spending time with one. Probably there are three-year olds in their families that they do not get to see enough of, and…

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