2016-52: Instant Holidays

This post brings to an end my 2016 52 rolls project. It consists of images from several packs of instant film, all shot in the Christmas week and mostly of the mundane aspects of holiday festivities. There are lots of soft, poorly lit, instant prints made with an Instax Mini 8 in this post. And a deliberate double exposure or two made with a Polaroid Land 100. If you like those kinds of photography, then check out this link.

52 rolls


This is my “Roll” 52 for 2016, though in fact it includes images from 4 packs of instant film. I am amazed that I got to this point on time this year as I was unable to post or even comment on other people’s posts for several months due to being away and totally off grid and other pressures on my time. In various ways I did not meet all the rules this year. Apart from not posting in a timely manner, there were a couple of weeks that I did not get a chance to shoot any film. Some weeks I shot several rolls so in the end I shot 67 rolls or packs of film with 21 different cameras. I have three rolls in cameras that were loaded this year that are unlikely to be finished until 2017.

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