About to Pave


These new ducts are a bit of a magnet for my camera since I discovered them a few weeks ago.

Once they finish paving the area in front it might be hard to get a shot without cars.

And it seems only a matter of time before the parking lot is turned into condominiums.


Off street parking is close to extirpation in Victoria now that investors are finally building on empty lots, many of which have been devoted to parking for decades.




Canon EOS3, EF 50/1.4 lens, Kodak Portra 400.



5 thoughts on “About to Pave

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    • We are in the middle of a building boom here – housing prices in Vancouver have gone crazy (50%+ increases in a single year) and that is spilling over to this area, which means much more favourable conditions for building residential units. So, the various empty lots in the downtown area that have been used for parking for years are being built on. The city loves it because the tax base goes way up, but don’t do enough to ensure there is enough downtown parking remaining. Merchants are now complaining because they are losing customers to the suburbs at an even faster rate. Public transit isn’t quite good enough to get people out of their cars, so it seems like a long term issue.


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