HVAC with Crane

This is another shot from the Yashica 44 on 127 Film Day.

A corner of the crane that was being used to install the new bridge span is peeking out from behind the wall.

I was disappointed to find that they had painted these pipes.

The last time I photographed them (see here) they were wonderfully shiny and would have worked very well in black and white on this gloomy day.





Yashica 44, Rerapan 100, developed commercially, scanned at home.


8 thoughts on “HVAC with Crane

    • Thank you! This was 127FilmDay, not sure if I said that above. Do you by any chance know of a source for 127 film scanning masks for the Epson flatbed scanners (V700 in my case)? I saw some on Amazon, look as if they are 3D printed, but they are no longer available. My own feeble attempts at a homemade mask are degrading the image quality quite a bit. The negatives are so much nicer!


      • I’ve been using a 3D printed one from Negative Solutions (http://negative-solutions.com/) with my Epson V500, supplemented with the piece of anti-Newton ring glass that came with my 120-size film holder from Better Scanning (which, last I checked, didn’t make a 127 size holder). The person who is Negative Solutions was very helpful and responsive to my ebay query. Hope this helps!

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      • Thank you! I had found a similar (or the same) product on Amazon but it was listed as not available. I did not find this on ebay – searching wrong terms I expect. I have written to them as it appears from their listing that it only works on older models in the V series of scanners.


      • You are right – he is very responsive. Turns out I did not notice the second page of his ebay store where a V700/750 adapter is listed. Thanks for the tip!


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