Fisheye Roundhouse



I had a 45 year old fish-eye lens along when I did a camera swap with Earle last weekend.

That trip was about using each other’s cameras as you have seen in some of my recent posts.

But I was in the middle of the first roll to test the fish-eye so I brought that camera along too and shot with it a few times.

The E&N roundhouse in Vic-West was a great place to try the lens, even though it was raining and it is hard to keep drops of the front element for which no hood is possible.




Canon Elan 7N, Takumar Fish-eye 17/4, Ilford XP2.



5 thoughts on “Fisheye Roundhouse

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    • Thanks Kate! More to come for sure. There were quite a number of shots that I like from that roll of film. But, the lab left behind acres of dust on the scan and its taking time to clean it up. I should have taken it back, but wanted to use some images right away so am paying the price for my impatience.

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      • I frequently have to pay that price myself. I am glad to see this new direction. It is fun and interesting. It kind of reminds of the times when I was little and would hang off a chair or a swing to see what the world looked like upside down. A whole new perspective!

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