Santa Monica Pier


Photographer Sam Abell teaches at the Los Angeles Center of Photography every year.

And every year he takes the class to the Santa Monica Pier for a few hours of putting into practice what he has been teaching.

This year we went a couple of days after a big storm and the surf was very much up.

I did take water pictures, and some will appear around here in the next week or two.

This photo does include the beach, but I suppose the subject is really the pier.

Sam wanted us to compose the photos very carefully and present them without editing

The only edits here are a lens profile correction for the decades old Nikkor 24/2.8 I was using on my Canon, and a touch of compensation for the sterile neutrality of the RAW file.



Click the photograph for a larger version.





7 thoughts on “Santa Monica Pier

  1. Yellow arm, yellow post. One diagonal. The direction of movement of the walker lines up with the lamp post, giving a dissecting diagonal. The horizontal of the line of the pier and the metal strip ground the composition. So much going on! Very interesting and I agree with Mario, it still has the best of your distinctive style. (Hope it doesn’t sound like I’m grading your work, Mr E!! If it does, you got an A+😀)


    • Hi Kate -Thank you! I don’t mind your “grading” at all, it is always interesting to see what catches the eye of other people. There are of course things that could be improved here, but overall I am pretty happy with this shot. I had to present 4 shots (8 actually – the “before” setup of the shot and the best of those obtained) and this was on my shortlist though I bumped it in favour of others (with you will see in these parts eventually).

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    • Thanks Mario – that is an encouraging thing to hear. I think I like the “before” shot just as much – that one has no people in it. I need to find non-people ways to animate my photos as that should feel more like what I do. Though, when I was selecting photos for a portfolio to present to Sam Abell and class, I found that many of my favourites did have people. Which was a bit of a surprise.

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