Drain Test, Again

It seems time for another storm drain photograph.

Regulars in these parts will hardly be surprised that it comes as a camera test.

In this case, a Yashica T4 which is a fairly iconic point and shoot film camera.

And I could see why from the results of my tests. Those that worked.

Sadly the shutter fails to fire intermittently and with no apparent or predictable pattern.




Yashica T4, Fuji Superia X-TRA 400. Low-res commercial scan.




10 thoughts on “Drain Test, Again

  1. Love that light and that drain. I feel that calling this artistic muse of yours (if an inanimate object can be a muse) a drain, though correct, is to malign it. Storm water conduit sounds nicer, but is too much of a mouthful. I wonder if any of your commenters could dream up a sweeter name of it?

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    • But it is a storm drain. Some people, British mostly I think, have referred to it as a pier, which is a pretty good word, though inaccurate.
      I don’t think a “drain” is a bad thing, though there are many I would rather not be part of, and I have had some truly revolting drain experiences over my life, especially with work (don’t mix an excavator and an active sewer line). However, I have also had some very interesting drain experiences, such as excavating a 1700’s drain in St. James’s Palace in London – it had conical heaps of brass pins where the sinks drained in and careful masonry construction.

      So, storm drain it is, and will remain 🙂

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  2. I’m glad it fired at the right time for this, it’s beautiful. The way the storm drain settles into the water is compelling, and of course, the pretty sky, the water texture, even the foreground – lots to like!

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