Worldwide Pinhole Day 2017


As metered, 4 second exposure

Yesterday was Worldwide Pinhole Day for 2017 and once again I took instant film pinhole photos with my home-made pinhole camera. I also ran a roll through a new-to-me Zero Image 2000 that I recently got – it was the first roll on black and white film and I won’t see the results for a few days.

I kept it simple by going to the storm drain (where else?) and with the Polaroid pinhole I mostly shot slightly longer exposures (~0.25 EV) than metered because the film seems to like that in sunlight.  The Fuji FP-100C gains a really nice blue tone with long exposures. As I am nearly out of the film, and it has been discontinued, I only shot half of the pack. I guess I may have to adapt this camera for roll film or similar if I am to continue using it.


5 seconds, f327


5 sec, f327


6 sec, f327


looking across base of drain, 4 sec, f327


Camera is adapted Polaroid microscope attachment, film is Fuji FP-100C, expired 04-2015


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