Heater Harbour III


The morning view from the Passing Cloud while sharing the Heater Harbour anchorage with Amelie, registered in Jersey and a member of the RDYC, which ever yacht club that is.

She was flying an Ocean Cruising Club pennant, which got me curious, so I searched the internet a bit.

Having found her website (click on the ship’s name above) I can see she is an Oyster 53 built in New Zealand.

Her last trip blog was posted a few days before I took this picture, and documents their trip up the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Their calendar shows them in Haida Gwaii until the end of July, and off to Hawaii in the fall.

Heater Harbour is on Kunghit Island just east and south of Rose Harbour in Gwaii Haanas.



2 thoughts on “Heater Harbour III

    • Me too 🙂 It is remarkably clean. Although some beaches are situated in a way that concentrates tsunami debris, and a fair amount of plain old garbage, mostly plastic, most places on the east side of Haida Gwaii have little of that stuff, visible anyway..

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