De la Beche Mists


While on the Passing Cloud we anchored in De la Beche Inlet (map link) a few times.

There are a lot of shore pine in the forests at the edge of the inlet.

Indeed, there are large areas without forest, but low shrubs on bedrock.



Canon 5Dii, EF 70-300/4-5.6 macro lens @300mm, ISO800, f5.6, 1/250th


5 thoughts on “De la Beche Mists

    • Hi Adrian – thank you! The processing is actually one of the Lightroom black and white presets – I almost never use them, preferring to get to where I want the hard way. But my own efforts on this photo weren’t satisfactory, so I tried the presets and one of them was what I was looking for.

      It is nice to have you visiting my blog – I have admired your images for a few years now, though I am no longer very interactive in my blog reading habits so you won’t have noticed. And thanks to Lynn – I admire her work as well.

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