Foul Barrier


This barrier is at the end of Foul Bay Road, which overlooks what was once called Foul Bay.

A few decades ago, property owners on the bay, not appreciating that Foul referred to the bay being full of, or foul with, rocks campaigned for a name change.

Which eventually happened, and now it is called Gonzales Bay for a Spanish explorer who would have understood the meaning of foul.



Olympus XA2, Agfa Vista 200 commercially developed and scanned.


2 thoughts on “Foul Barrier

    • It’s kind of bizarre sometimes what will motivate people into some kind of action. In this case I find it a bit offensive, since foul has a perfectly good nautical definition and to have that wiped off the landscape seems wrong. There is however another Foul Bay on San Juan Island which I am fond of, so that can be a consolation.

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