So, this location I cannot pin down anymore. I don’t think it is Lost or Tuft Island, but nothing looks right on the maps either.

It is, however, in Gwaii Haanas along the west shore of Hecate Strait, so that will have to do I guess.

Seen while cruising on the Passing Cloud.




Olympus mjuii, Fuji Superia 200, processed at Canadian Film Lab




4 thoughts on “Lost

    • It is something like 80km to the land across this water. On a very clear day you can see across this distance the clouds rising high above the coastal range of mainland BC.


  1. Maybe the title put the idea in my head, but there’s something about this that seem surreal – maybe it’s the land mass slipping out of the frame on the right side.Or it could be the way that little sliver of blue sky keeps it from being completely monochromatic. But, in any case, I like this image.

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