Stem Wall


Tree stems along the edge of a clear-cut on Quadra Island this summer.

This is the second or more likely the third cut of this forest.



Olympus mjuii, Fuji Superia 200, processed by Canadian Film Lab, converted in Lightroom.


5 thoughts on “Stem Wall

    • Hi Andy – I agree. These ones never had the chance to grow to their full size – the forests thin out as the trees get bigger but the loggers can’t wait. Better that they are taking these young trees than the old growth though.


    • Thank you Lynn. These edges are common on parts of Quadra, and I am very attracted by them but find they are really hard to photograph. Driving past them they give a flickering pattern that is very interesting too – I have low-fi video of that which I should post sometime.


      • I can imagine the flickering pattern you’re talking about. The edges do draw the eyes in with such a strong pattern. I bet your eyes take in more than the camera does, and when you use a wide angle lens it’s just not the same. But I do like the photos, so even if it’s not what you’re seeing, the viewer gets something from it! 😉


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