Minox Drain


Of course when I was testing the Minox 35GT I had to take a picture of the storm drain

(see yesterday’s post if you missed my review).

The tide was not the best when I was there, so I only took one picture, and it was the last on the roll.

Or rather, it was about 5/6th of the last frame on the roll, as can be seen on the right side.

I have never seen a cleaner edge to a shot at one end or the other of a roll than this one.

There must be some very tight tolerances in this camera.


Minox 35GT, Fuji Superia XTRA 400, processed and scanned (low res) commercially


4 thoughts on “Minox Drain

    • Thank you Lynn. It’s the same light that’s in the two seaside shots in the Minox review of the day before. Those shots taken standing near the end of the drain a few minutes before this one.


    • Thanks raqmaq! I was there this morning at similar tide but with big waves and flat light – it is so hard to get the timing, especially with film as I am not inclined to blaze away seeking the moment.


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