Nearly Dark



Taken at dusk from Trafalgar Park lookout, with the camera balanced on a concrete fence posts

Another from my first roll of  JCH Street Pan 400.





Olympus XA, JCH Street Pan 400, f2.8, ca 1 second, developed commercially, scanned at home.


3 thoughts on “Nearly Dark

  1. These are beautiful, and for my eye, you left just the right amount of detail in the houses to balance the images. The conditions look very challenging for any camera – fabulous job! The mood being conveyed is very clear.

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    • Thank you Lynn – I was pleased with how they turned out. The camera was pushed to its limits. I did try to push it to the slowest shutter speed by changing the aperture – it should have fired at about 10 seconds, but only managed about 7, and the last shot (not shown here) was too underexposed to be useful. The camera is very capable, which is probably why they are hard to find, and expensive unless you get really lucky.


      • Yes, this isn’t something you’d expect a film camera to do with ease. Even on a fence post it’s amazing the image is this good with the shutter being open so long. I like the idea of the camera sitting there and slowly gathering the fragments of light…


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