Cow Bay IV


Another picture from Cowichan Bay a couple of weekends ago with a thin skiff of snow on the skiffs.




Olympus mjuii, Ilford Delta 3200, processed commercially, scanned at home


4 thoughts on “Cow Bay IV

  1. I envy you being able to use film cameras, you’re really having fun by the look of things.
    I have been stuck with my digital ones for a while now, what with no chemicals in Oman & now the time needed for our house moves. Oman/UK and then UK house to a new one in UK.
    Enjoyed looking at what you have been producing. Are you going to start developing at home?

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    • Hi David. I very much enjoy shooting film, and trying new-old cameras. I am however, beginning (at last) to settle on a few favourites. Just in time too as good used cameras are getting much harder to find around here, at least affordable ones.
      I am going to start developing at home. Black and white anyway. I have a local friend that, like you, is a darkroom expert and has offered to help me get started so that will be happening soonish I expect. I understand from people that use the C41 kits that they are are simple so long as temperature is carefully controlled. I also understand the chemistry has a very short shelf life. So B&W first and then I will contemplate whether to do some colour.

      I hope you get a darkroom established soon, I can imagine you miss it a lot. Your digital photographs are wonderful but not quite the same thing….


      • Good to hear that you will start your own B&W developing. C41/E6 are both easy as well and can be done with the tank in a large bowl in the sink. Temperature is only critical for the developer but the times are short so not a real problem. The developer more than the others, does have a short shelf life but longer than the manufacturer states, if you keep as much air out of the container as is possible, I use bottles that I can squeeze until the chemical reaches the lid or something called a ‘VacuVin Pump & Vacuum Stoppers’ used for wine bottles, it allows you to pump the air out of the bottle when only partly empty. I also batch develop, keeping the exposed film in the fridge until I have enough for a good run.
        I mix all chemicals with distilled water which helps extend the life: for example Kodak D76 (stock solution) will keep fresh for about 12 months & C41 mixed and stored in glass with the vacuvin method, doubles the shelf life.

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      • Hi David, sorry for slow response. This is a very helpful comment. I use those wine bottle stoppers for wine, but never thought about them for other uses. I see them in thrift stores from time to time, now I have a reason to buy them on the cheap. I am creeping towards developing, and hope to get there in the next few months. But I said that last year too. Finding (or rather making) the time is the challenge.


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