End of the Road



These barriers were installed after an elderly couple drove off the end of the road and down towards Gonzales Beach 30 feet below.




Olympus XA2, Agfa Vista 200 commercially developed and scanned.


5 thoughts on “End of the Road

    • Hi Kate – sorry for delay in responding. As I recall they were fine – there were bushes that slowed the descent, and airbags probably helped. They were going at a pretty good clip though.

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      • I’m glad. Some elderly drivers here are on a suited mission every time they start up the engine. At least no one else will be in the same situation now.

        It occurs to me that I mostly don’t comment on the quality of your images Mr E. I’m always looking at the story in the photos first. Hope you like exploring that in your comments as much as exploring the technical and aesthetic aspects of your work.

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    • Hi Mario, yet again I got behind on my comments. I love those colours – at one time in the past I did a post just of the colour. They are graffiti attractants, which then gets painted over and eventually some peels off and the cycle continues.


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