St. Stephen’s Churchyard


I had a photo outing to St. Stephen’s churchyard with a friend, seen here testing a Rolleicord TLR that he has been repairing.

The St. Stephen’s Anglican Church website says it is “the oldest church in British Columbia used continuously as a place of worship since its construction.”


Pentax ME Super with Pentax-A 28mm f2.8 lens, Ilford XP2, commercially processed, scanned at home.




3 thoughts on “St. Stephen’s Churchyard

  1. That’s quite an image – without knowing the figure is testing a camera, it’s fraught with emotion, because of the way he’s bent over. There’s a bleakness, but the light beyond says otherwise. Interesting!

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    • Thank you Lynn – I thought it best to say what he was doing partly because there are other more disturbing interpretations than the one you gave, and because if it was grief then this might be considered intrusive.

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      • I agree – or someone might think you’d staged the photo, which isn’t necessarily wrong, but if it’s not what you did, and like you said, the photo can be interpreted in ways that you want to steer away from, then it makes sense to have an explanation. A psychology class could have a great time with this…

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