Fuji Fail


This roll of film was given to me recently – of unknown age and storage, though unlikely to be older than about 2005.

I have never had a Fuji product this badly degraded, though Kodak has offered up a few rolls.

Scanning such thin negatives is a pain as the histogram is skinny narrow spike to one side.

Still, I quite like the effect of some of these images, even if a couple of shots that I had hoped might turn out were a bust.

I see no point in dust removal on these images, in fact the dust adds a welcome patina.


Pentax ME Super with Pentax-A 28mm f2.8 lens, Fuji Superia 200 (metered at 100 ISO), expired ca 2005, commercially processed, scanned at home.




4 thoughts on “Fuji Fail

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  2. So to be sure I understand, you’re saying the noise and blue tone to the photos is a result of the film having degraded, right? I agree, it produces a really interesting effect. FOr me, it works best in the 2nd & 5th images. Adds a lot of mystery and atmosphere.

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    • Hi Lynn, it is a combination of the degradation of the film which becomes less sensitive with time, and I suspect of varying sensitivities for different parts of the spectrum. However, another factor is that the images tend to be underexposed out of bright light and that can also produce a blue cast. All these factors can amplify one another. Anyway, it does create some interesting colour shifts. The second image has an interesting side story and it is the one that I am most disappointed in. As one drives in to the church there is a large sign that reads this is a smoke free property. On that chair, hidden down the side of the church, was an elaborate glass weed pipe which you can’t see because of the film degradation. It was wonderfully ironic. I have no idea whose it is, but it was not there the next weekend and no one was around when we visited.

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