Expired Film Day pt. 1


It was expired film day on Sunday.

I chose to celebrate it by shooting instant film.

In this instance it is Fuji FP100c shot in a homemade pinhole with Polaroid back.

The colours shift a bit with the long exposures – these varied between 15 and 30 seconds, though most were 30 seconds.

You can read about the camera in sickening detail at this link.

More shots to follow from a Spectra 2 when I get a chance to scan them.

Sorry I did not dust these images – too busy right now.



To see larger image, click on any one in the gallery below and navigate with arrow or swiping.


Homemade Polaroid Pinhole (f327), Fuji FP100C instant film from two packs, both expired 04/15




3 thoughts on “Expired Film Day pt. 1

    • Hi there J.M. Golding, I like the colours too 🙂
      As to speed, all it took was scanning – one of the advantages of instant film. And print scanning is so much faster and simpler than negatives – it made me long for a new negative scanning regime.

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