Picnic Table Autumn

So, today’s post I managed to publish yesterday, before I had even finished it. Very annoying since I had used up my time for getting today’s post ready. So, what to do? When taking pictures of the autumn garden on Saturday, I took this one of the picnic table. I was not sure how I was going to use it, but liked it enough to save. Using it in a “quick and dirty” post is its fate. I hope you can imagine it dressed up with warm sunshine, lunch, and happy people. It has seen many great meals, and will see more next year.

This venerable, long serving table has been with us since my brother moved to England and gave it to us, which must be about 20 years ago. I think he made it. When it gets wet and grey like this, it says fall and winter to me. This photo is as taken from the camera. It is a colour image, though I am hard pressed to find the colour.




6 thoughts on “Picnic Table Autumn

  1. subject choice and composition to me are always the key to a good photograph and you have those covered very nicely. I like the almost monochrome nature (would have guessed u converted to bnw until i saw the grass).


    • Hi abu – when I first looked at this image I actually had to check the data to see if I had accidentally switched to monochrome. I considered converting it to b&w, and when I tried that it was not quite so nice. There is a hint of green in the foreground too – a very thin layer of algae or something growing on the table surface. I had not noticed it until I went looking for colour in this image. Does that mean I need to scrub the table with bleach or something? Another chore revealed by the camera?


    • Hi m1nute, thanks for dropping by and your nice words. I am glad you like this – there is something compelling about weathered wood which can be very beautiful. In this shot I think the shiny screw head adds something too – draws the eye along the grain.


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