Johnson Street Under Construction

Victoria has seen a lot of construction in the past decade, and even though the economy is weaker these days, new buildings are still under construction. This building is quite striking with its protective blue covering and the yellow debris chute. Unfortunately, I think once completed the white frame is going to jar a bit on the horizon and generally look less interesting than it does during construction. Maybe it will be eye catching in sunlight against a dark or stormy winter sky.

The building is in the 800 block of Johnson Street, just half a block east of the back wall of the Odeon Theatre that I featured a few days ago. The first four storeys are brick clad, presumably as an acknowledgement of the heritage building next door, and of the one removed for this tower as well as an older aesthetic that is largely gone in this part of town. I am not sure the brick will mitigate the brightness of the rest of the building or the feeling of being loomed over for pedestrians.


This is the building next door. How much longer until it too is pulled down and replaced with a less than satisfactory building? And please, don’t get me wrong. I appreciate modern architecture very much. It is just difficult to feel enthusiastic about the kind of rehashed ideas presented in conservative, safe buildings that seem to arise in small cities like Victoria.



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