Beads and Bangles

If you like succinct then this post is for you.

Its been raining and horrible for a few days, and I have been slouching around at home. Bereft of subject matter I resorted to the Christmas tree.




I was taking Christmas pictures for my wife’s use and then took these leaving camera with the 100mm macro lens with star filter on. Hand-held these shots not expecting a great deal, exposures range from 1/20th to 1/100th of a second (so don’t look for technical perfection).

It’s an index of my seasonal laziness that I have not returned to the tree to take some of these shots properly.

8 thoughts on “Beads and Bangles

    • Thank you Ken – shallow depth was pretty much all I had to work with if I was handholding. Well, I could have cranked the ISO but I was not really taking pictures to keep, just fooling around in a lazy way. I see that the beads are dusty, which is a common condition around here.


    • Thanks Danita – the last shot seems like my kind of image. I like the first shot because the old glass beads are such nice things – used by my wife’s grandmother for many decades. And I like the grid which the star filter overlays on the out of focus beads.


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