Gonzales Hill Cloud

After I had finished experimenting with my ND filter (some results shown yesterday) I returned home through the Chinese Cemetery. The scene was dominated by this cloud that appeared to be rising from behind the Gonzales Hill Observatory. I still had not discovered my white balance setting was incorrect, so I have done my best to return these to a natural colour, though they are bluer than I would like.

The location of the Chinese Cemetery can be seen on this map, and Gonzales Hill on this map.




EDIT: I have added the Protest Censorship band to my blog in support of the protest against legislation being contemplated in the USA. Even though living in Canada, I have been very much aware of the international effect of American law through such draconian legislation as the Patriot Act which undermines the rights of Canadians in our own country. Therefore I am joining this protest in the belief that the proposed law could have serious consequences outside of the USA, and even though I do support some of the purpose of the proposed legislation to protect copyrighted content of musicians, writers and other artists. More information in the links in this post

12 thoughts on “Gonzales Hill Cloud

  1. Captivated by the B&W image, however, I think I would like the first image in B&W even more! I think it’s because I am such a sucker for clouds. 🙂 My post today is my little way to protest SOPA/PIPA and, I strongly believe that countries outside of the US will certainly feel ripples (okay, WAVES) if these pass.


    • Thanks Juanita – there is something about the contrast in that shot that reminds me of older photos, of a type. I think I took some photos with that kind of contrast when I was a kid, using a brownie box camera.


  2. I agree on the second photo, and many times I don’t seem to have a wide enough lens. I am going to have to put a high priority on a wide (er) angle lens for this year.
    It seems strange to see a cemetery so close to what looks like a residential neighborhood.


    • Hi – wide angle is on my wish list too. The 35mm takumar that I have (two of them actually) catch the mirror on the way down, and are pretty slow too (f3.5). They can be modified to not catch the mirror, but it means filing a bit of metal off right next to the inner lens element, so I have not quite got around to the task yet. Besides, 35 is only wide enough some of the time, a 28 would suit me better I think.

      Most of the older cemeteries around here are in residential neighbourhoods. Ross Bay Cemetery has houses on most sides of it, though it is very large and treed so it does not show so much. There is another near downtown which is no longer in use, but is next to the Anglican Cathedral and has housing on at least one side of it.


  3. I think I like the second photo best. It has a strong foreground that naturally and gradually slips into the background, it is contrasty in the sun and the blue is natural. A strong image pleasing to the eye.


    • Thanks Joseph. I agree for all those same reasons. I just wish I had a wide enough lens to get all of the cloud from that same vantage point as its a pretty spectacular formation.


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