Break Water Barrier

Here is another image from last Friday’s trip to Ogden Point Breakwater. You can find out more about the breakwater in my first post of this series.

This is near the landward end of the breakwater and shows a bit of a fence that holds a gate and blocks the access in the evenings and in bad weather and serves to keep more foolish people in the gene pool.

I have not done anything to reduce the saturation; in fact I increased the contrast a tiny bit which brought up some of the colour. So, you can see why for other shots at this location I have been thinking monochrome. This picture works well in monochrome too.


Canon EOS 5Dmkii, Canon 50/1.4 lense, ISO100; f5.6, 1/160th



14 thoughts on “Break Water Barrier

  1. As others have noted, great job on the reflection (it’s the first thing I saw)…then my eyes were lead to the buoy (?) waaayyy out in the distance by that wonderful wall! I really need to make it out to your area one of these days. 😀


    • Hi David. Thanks for your comment. That is a solid marker, sitting on a submerged reef.

      You know, you just have to drive to Port Angeles (3? hours from Seattle area) and then get on the ferry to Victoria (90 minutes or so) and you would be here. You could combine it with a trip up into the Olympic Mtns (a quick drive from PA and you are at 5500′, in the alpine meadows) or a longer trip out to some of the west coast beaches west of Ozette Lake or near Neah Bay. Beatiful country, pretty accessible from Seattle.


      • Even better, I can hop on the ferry leaving Anacortes (which is…30 minutes from where I live) and land in Sidney….that is, once that ferry starts up again come late March.


      • That’s a great trip through the San Juans. I had the pleasure of spending many long summers on San Juan Island as a kid, even did a month of school there several years in a row. Wonderful place.


    • Thanks LensScaper – the contrast adjustment was extremely minor, more to compensate for having shot in neutral settings without any camera automated settings such as come with ‘landscape’ or similar.


    • Hi David – from a recent comment of Laurie MacBride’s on another of these posts I suspect the fence was not always there and the breakwater was a bit of a bad weather magnet.


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